Who We Are


Dreamet’s project is the result of over a decade of researches, tests and application of innovative and ecologic technologies for metal decoration.

The company, born in 2019, develops in the territory of Modena, driven by the desire to bring an added value into the field of achitecture.

Dreamet is specialized in the decoration of metal surfaces (metal sheets, meshes, coils, fabrics, …) whose applications range from construction, (e.g. buildings façade), flooring, coatings, furnishings, objects, to the fields of art and renovation.

Any metal is customizable with different finishes and graphical effects, thanks to the use of patented techniques and processes, that are not only innovative, but also dedicated to supporting the circular economy.

Dreamet’s method doesn’t require any acids, inks, lasers, nor engravings. The metal remains pure since the alterations happen internally: Dreamet’s treatment acts by modifying the crystallographic structure of the metal, also increasing the material’s resistance.


Dreamet’s aim is to realize a Made in Italy product, that is technologically advanced, has a low ecological impact, and can preserve its thecnical ad aesthetic qualities over time.

Dreamet’s focus is set on the protection of the envirnnment and to the realization of sustainable projects.

which are voted to the quality of spaces. Dreamet invests in innovation and technology, combining years of experience with dedication to research and sperimentation in the field of materials engineering.