Dreamet’s project is the result of over a decade of research, experimentation and application of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies in metal decoration.

The company, founded in 2019, develops in the territory of Modena, driven by the desire to bring an added value within the architecture sector.

Dreamet is specialized in the decoration of metal surfaces (metal sheets, meshes, coils, fabrics, …) whose applications range from construction (e.g. building façades), flooring and coatings, furnishing accessories, objects, to art and restoration.

Any metal can be customised with different finishes and graphic effects, thanks to the use of patented processes and techniques that are not only innovative, but also aimed at supporting the circular economy.

Dreamet’s method does not use acids, inks, lasers or engraving. In fact, the metal remains pure since the only modifications take place internally: Dreamet’s technology works by modifying the crystallographic structure of the metal, thereby enhancing the material’s resistance.


Dreamet’s aim is to create a technologically advanced Made in Italy product that has a low ecological impact and maintains its technical ad aesthetic qualities even over time.

Dreamet focuses on the protection of the environment and the realization of sustainable works that also pay attention to the quality of the spaces.

Dreamet invests in innovation and technology, combining the experience gained over the years with a constant commitment to research and experimentation in the field of materials engineering.