Custom decorated metal surfaces and finishes for interior, design and furnishings.

This project comes from the request to create, tailored and in synergy with the Customer, furnishing accessories and interior design in metal and wood, in addition to the external signboard and the reception counter.

Starting from the concept and in synergy with the Client’s designer, we have developed executive and layout of the project, defining the finishes (CORTENOX®– Inox-Corten by Dreamet).


The tubular structure was made of carbon steel, the wooden shelves are in solid raw oak. In fact, Dreamet collaborates closely not only with the world of metal, but also with resales of precious woods to offer its customers a complete solution.

The counter, as well as the sign and the vertical parts of the shelves, were made of stainless steel with a CORTENOX® finish: the innovative stainless steel – corten developed by Dreamet, which combines the beauty of the aged and worn effect of corten steel, a material excellent for building structures (e.g. guard rail of the A22 Brennero highway) but abused and often incorrectly used in architecture and design.

CORTENOX®, Dreamet’s Corten stainless steel, combines the beauty of corten with the characteristics of hygiene, cleanliness and stainless steel!

In addition, the bands on the ground of the counter and shelves have been ennobled with brass finishes, highlighting in particular the reception counter with a double backlight, of the logo and on the ground.

Similarly, the external sign, also made of corten-effect stainless steel – CORTENOX®, was backlit with a gold background to emphasize the laser-engraved writing.